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Did you know that Google recently ran a study and showed that your conversion rate is noticeably lower as your website’s load time increases? Check and optimize the speed of your site now!

A small discussion about your site and its loading speed.

What is the role of the loading speed of my site?

Regarding the loading speed of a site, numerous studies and research have been carried out to discover the preferences of the users. The phrase “time means money” is applicable in commerce and, even more so, in electronics.
When the customer presses the “Add to Cart” or “Finish Order” button, something needs to happen – and it should happen immediately. The speed of your site must be optimized to meet this aspect.
For example, studies by Google, Amazon, and Microsoft have shown that in 2006, the standard customer of online stores expected a site to load in 8 seconds or less. In 2010, the figure dropped to 2 seconds or less.
In 2022 and beyond, we expect the user to prioritize speed, accessibility, and smooth operation more than anything else.

What impact does the upload speed have on my site?

Here is a list of 2020 statistics:

  • Reducing the loading time to 3 seconds increases the profit by 7-12%;
  • If an online store earns $ 100,000 a day, a 1-second delay in average loading speed can result in a loss of $ 2.5 million in annual sales;
  • A website that loads in 3 seconds or more leads to 22% fewer conversions compared to a site that loads in a second.

The loading speed of the site should be improved as much as possible.

Website speed and my online store.

An unoptimized store with dozens of images can load an entire page in up to 20 seconds, which means 20 seconds lost to the user. What would be the difference if it was loaded in 3 seconds? Is it noticeable?
Here are some notable examples:

  1. The user accesses as many products as possible in the shortest possible time.
  2. If the loading speed of the store is optimized, the processes behind it are optimized as well. So, adding to the shopping cart takes one second instead of 4 seconds.
  3. With fast loading store, conversions increase, and obviously, the sales.
  4. Accessibility. Who doesn’t want their online store to “fly”? Smooth navigation throughout the whole shopping experience.


The price of a portfolio/presentation website varies depending on the client’s requirements and needs. The basic package for a presentation/portfolio website with the following facilities:

  • 100% responsive design on any type of device from which it is accessed (mobile traffic exceeds 80%), easy to use and understand, made following the best UX (User Experience) principles;
  • On-page SEO optimization for Google search engine;
  • Social Media Integration (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn);
  • Contact form and business location on Google Maps;
  • Security – protection modules against cyber attacks and integrated antispam filters;
  • Security for your data and users – saving data by automatic backup;
  • GDPR modules implementation;
  • WebCoreVitals speed optimization (now a ranking factor on Google search);
  • Optimizing page load speed;
  • Custom design;
  • Custom graphics;
  • Website introduction in search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing);
  • Sitemap (Sitemap.xml)
  • Easy to use Administration Panel;
  • Ten (10) days of FREE maintenance.

The price of an online store or eCommerce website varies depending on the customer’s requirements. The basic package for an online store or e-commerce starts with the following facilities:

  • All the functionalities of a presentation website (presented above);
  • Customized product catalog;
  • Store and product presentation page (first page);
  • Dynamic product filter (product search);
  • Filters (price, alphabetical order, rating, color, size);
  • Option to order without creating an account;
  • Option to order as an individual / legal entity;
  • Setting up a cash on delivery/bank transfer payment system;
  • Discounts/discount vouchers generating modules;
  • Custom graphics for up to 10 items;
  • Installation of image and/or video gallery adapted to the field of activity;
  • Fifteen (15) days of FREE maintenance.

Web hosting services are the ones that make the online presence possible for your website. For a website to be visible to other internet users, the files of your website must be hosted on a server.

A web domain represents the identity of your site in the online environment; the address entered in the browser to access your website (for example, A domain is always unique and can be owned by one person.
For companies operating worldwide, .com domains are recommended.

A Content Management System is an administration panel from which the user can easily manage the content of the site. Some good examples would be WordPress, PrestaShop, Magento, and Open Cart.

The price of a graphic element varies depending on the customer’s requirements and its complexity. The base price starts at 50 EUR per item. We can design the following types of graphic elements:

  • Promotional banners;
  • Logos, business cards & flyers;
  • Graphic elements for online stores (product badges, decorative elements);   
  • Infographic banners, as well as product and service presentations;
  • Basically, any type of graphic element as long as there is a concept behind it.

The price of a video element also varies depending on the customer’s requirements and the element’s complexity, such as length, effects, etc… 
The basic price starts at 75 EURO, and we can provide the following:

  • Product presentation videos;
  • Video presentation services;
  • Video presentation for a catalog of products/services;
  • Video editing for private events;
  • Editing services for YouTube / TikTok / Instagram videos;
  • Website video elements;

Your site ranks first in search engines.
You become a credible brand because people trust Google results.
ROI is much better than PPC ads.
The results can be measured and correlated with the increase in sales.
SEO improves the user experience.
It increases your brand’s visibility and boosts it ahead of your competitors.

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